Abe Lincoln has a sad :(

Taking away a child’s privilege when they do something wrong is a perfectly fine parenting technique.  Parenting techniques are what idiot legislators use when they write laws.  They are so simple minded that they think that parenting and writing legislation are like the same thing or very close.  Suspending a driver’s license for DUI is like that.

When a person gets charged with a DUI the first thing that we should note is that they are merely charged.  To take some action based on a person being charged with a crime will give the police an inordinate amount of power.  If you do this for long your police officers will start dressing like they are in the military and …. oh, wait.

But forget all that, let’s talk about suspending someone’s license who has been charged with DUI.  When a person gets a DUI they drank to much and they drove. We don’t want them to drive WHEN THEY DRANK TOO MUCH.  We really don’t care if they drive when THEY ARE NOT DRINKING, amIright?  The reason that they drove after they drank too much IS NOT THAT THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ALCOHOL!!!!  Sure they might have a problem with alcohol but that is not the reason that they drove that night.  They drove that night because “Alcohol Impairs Judgment.”  They won’t be drinking on the way to their court date … they probably will be worrying about going to jail and paying for their lawyer.  Funny how their “drinking problem” disappeared.

Some people do have a problem with alcohol, I am not saying that they don’t, but the percentage of people who can’t stop drinking in order to drive is very small.  But we let the MADD people tell us that all of the people arrested for DUI are a danger to us all the time.  They are not, they are only dangerous when they have drank too much, but there is no one who will stand up and call bullshit on MADD.  MADD and AAIM have caused industries to be formed just to deal with the DUI problem (Alcohol Counselors).  Nowdays nearly every DUI arrestee goes to counseling for an alcohol problem that few of them have.  And that doesn’t make the roads any safer.

So, if very few have alcohol problems and don’t really present a danger to others when they are driving … how could we not suspend anyone?

It’s easy really, you have everyone who is arrested for DUI get a BAIID device in their car to drive.  They can have the BAIID device removed when their are no positive blows into the BAIID device for 3 months.  If there are positive blows, then extend their BAIID device requirement for another 3 months until there are no positive blows.  Hey, if they have an alcohol problem they might have a BAIID forever.

No one would ever be revoked or suspended.  I feel like John Lennon singing “Imagine.”

But that couldn’t happen because Illinois needs to collect it’s reinstatement fee ($500).

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