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  • Road side body cavity search
    12 Aug

    How to Beat a Bull Valley DUI

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    I was looking at videos on YouTube and I searched How to Beat a Bull Valley DUI.  I like to look at the latest DUI attorney...
  • crystal ball 1
    31 Jul

    1984 DUI

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    1984 DUI Illinois law says that if you have had a prior DUI that you received supervision for you may not receive supervision for your next...
  • finger to nose
    30 Jul

    No evidence for DUI arrest

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    No evidence for DUI arrest A client recently approached me and told me that he received a DUI and there was “no evidence” for his DUI...
  • Piles and Piles of Cash, that's the answer
    30 Jun

    MADD and AAIM: taking DUIs to the bank.

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    Students who are graduated from college are often seeking opportunites to make money.  While there are many career opportunities I think there is one that is...
  • Alcohol
    12 Jun

    DRUNK DRIVING attorney in McHenry County

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    So there’s this guy who advertises that he is a DRUNK DRIVING attorney.  Now I am not one to split hairs, but a couple of things:...