We are probably in our 25th scandal about this athlete or that using steroids to aid his or her performance.  I am guessing there is a scandal that you have never heard about that involves steroids (but after you read about it forget that I was the one that told you about it).

Police behavior is odd.

Cops killed a guy who suffered with Down’s Syndrome the other day.  After being told that the guy “didn’t like to be touched” they decided they would drive hime to the ground face down and asphyxiate him (that ought to shut him up).  It seems after every high speed chase, they seem to beat the shit out of some dude who is laying face down on the ground.  Have you ever wondered why that is.  I may have the answer.

As it turns out performance enhancing drugs are not for everyone, but they may be for the police.  Call your local police department and ask them if their officers are routinely screened for anabolic steroids.  (Wait, I meant to tell you to do that from a pay phone because they are gonna want your name and address after that question).

Let’s just take a quick surf on the internet to see what the effects of anabolic steroid abuse are:

Irritability, rage, uncontrolled high energy (mania), or false beliefs (delusions).

Are there any other explanations of the conduct that you and I see everyday by the police?

Can you think of any other behavior that you would NOT want to see in a police officer more than that associated with anabolic steroid use?  Isn’t anabolic steroid use sort of the “opposite day” of what we want in our police forces?

Then you would figure they would test for that without a doubt, eh?

Not a chance.  (Also, I was just kidding about calling the department and asking if they test, …. really don’t do that).

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