New York Surveillance


New York is upping their surveillance cameras from 3000 to 6000.  Each of these cameras will be accessible inside patrol cars in New York.

Nothing could go wrong there.



Law Dude, Ray Flavin, represents drivers charged with DUI in McHenry County, Illinois.  His offices are located in Woodstock, IL.  He can hardly wait until cameras are placed everywhere and crime is finished, so we can cut the number of police officers.  He is also known to sometimes write tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Author: Law Dude

Ray Flavin is a defense lawyer accepting mainly DUI cases in McHenry County, Illinois. He looks like The Dude. He can't figure for the life of him how the system got so screwed up and rigged. (except money and nepotism proly had a lot to do with it).

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  1. Security camera : a camera used for monitoring or recording public areas for the purposes of enhancing public safety, monitoring restricted areas or equipment, to discourage theft and other criminal activities, and for preventing, investigating, and resolving incidents.

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