Room full of cash

Legislatures all over the country have very little to do.  There is already a law that commands a person to stop at a stop sign, and another that forbids him or her from smoking in a bar.  There are not a lot more laws to be written.  So each year legislatures meet, stare at each other, and then vote to change the law.  Why? Because they can.

There is one group that makes a lot of money from this apparent lunacy: Drug Dealers and Cartels.

We wouldn’t have drug cartels if it weren’t for expensive drugs.  And, we wouldn’t have expensive drugs unless the liability for handling them wasn’t cartoonish.  For example from my neighborhood.:

Wisconsin Man Gets 6 Years For Selling Crack Cocaine

That’s right.  A guy went to prison for 6 years for selling meth, within 1000 feet of a church.

Now I don’t want to sit here an do a comparison of sentences, but I have seen rapists, nine-time DUI drivers, and some negligent homicide (gunshot) get less time.  You may argue that those were poorly sentenced cases and I couldn’t disagree, but my point for this post is this:  Why do we love drug dealers and cartels so much?  Is it the murder by beheading?  The Lincoln Navigators?

When the punishment for selling a drug is so high, that cost gets passed to the consumer (who is addicted) and whom will pay almost any amount of money.  Why we are set on getting large bedroom-sized stacks of one hundred dollar bills into the hands of criminals will always remain a mystery to me.

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