How $500 ended the world

The City of McHenry has vowed to use $150,000 to prosecute (take to trial) DUI cases this year. (THIS IS A BRAND NEW IDEA THIS YEAR). This seems like it might be silly for several reasons:

1.  The number of DUIs that The City of McHenry, Illiinois has written has gone down for the last five years EVERY YEAR

2013:  63 DUI arrests,

2012  91 DUI Arrrests;

2011  97 DUI Arrests;

2009 144 DUI Arrests.

Why exactly would you want to spend more money prosecutiing FEWER DUI charges?

2.  The City has just changed attorneys representing the City in DUI cases.  Are the newer attorneys more expensive?

I wonder if it costs more to take a DUI case to trial, or to negotiate it?  I wonder if the attorney who has the contract with The City of McHenry makes more money if the case goes to trial?

I wonder if there is a little moral hazard paying an attorney more for taking DUI cases to trial.  I wonder if there is even more problems with announcing that you are going to spend $150,000 on DUIs … when there are fewer DUIs.

When do you think someone will suggest that maybe we should save some money and lower the number of police patrols because there are fewer DUIs out there?

My guess would be never.

Law Dude, Ray Flavin, represents drivers that have been charged with DUI in McHenry County Illinois. His law offices are located across the street from the McHenry County Courthouse in Woodstock. He is one of those lawyers.