Bull Valley Attorney has to review piles of paper

If you have recently had a DUI in Bull Valley, here are some of the things the attorney will want you to bring to the first meeting with your Bull Valley Attorney.

First, he or she will want you to bring all of the paperwork that the officers gave you after the arrest.  There are many errors that an officer can make on this paperwork that will void the suspension or the DUI.  They will want to spend sometime reviewing that paperwork.  This should include a copy of your tickets, your notice of statutory summary suspension, your warning to motorist, the bond sheet and the tow sheet.  It is good to look at the tow sheet to determine how fast the tow truck showed up.  I have had DUI arrests where the police officer called for the tow BEFORE he got out of the car to meet the driver.

Secondly, he or she will ask you to go to your local DMV and pick up a driving record for COURT PURPOSES.  The Secretary of State will charge you $12 for this (because they can).  This document will be very helpful in determining whether you have a clean driving record, or if you have had prior DUIs on your record what outcome shows on your record.  This is the same document that the prosecutor will be looking at, so your attorney will want to see it first.

Lastly, he or she will take a look at any other paperwork that helps determine a timeline for what happened that night.  Restaurant receipts, ATM receipts etc.  may help determine when the driver was where, and make the police officers story either less accurate or may undermine it entirely.

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