Breathalyzer DUI the fix is in ….


There are six types of DUI:

1. Driving when your blood alcohol is over 0.08,

2. Driving under the influence of alcohol,

3. Driving under the influence of any intoxicating compound,

4.  Driving under the influence of a drug

5.  Driving under the influence of both alcohol and intoxicating compounds

6. Driving while cannabis or meth is in your system.

Did you notice that only three of them involve alcohol?  So you would think that you would only get an alcohol detector (BAIID: Breath ignition interlock device), for violating those sections, right?  I mean you see how it would make no sense whatsoever for you to get an alcohol sensing device in your car if you were arrested for a cannabis DUI, right?  I mean, in that case you might not even drink at all.

Of course in Illinois, where the best indication you will get a government job is that your brother is the head of the department, or you know someone whose brother is the head of the department … the answer would be OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO GET A BAIID DEVICE IN YOUR CAR WHEN YOU GET A NON-ALCOHOL DUI.

Why?  My guess is that the people who manufacture the BAIID (alcohol sensors) paid someone off, or someone’s brother … that’s why.

Isn’t it reassuring to live in a state where everything can be bought?

Law Dude, Ray Flavin, represents drivers that have been charged with DUI in McHenry County Illinois.  His law offices are located across the street from the courthouse in Woodstock, IL.

Author: Law Dude

Ray Flavin is a defense lawyer accepting mainly DUI cases in McHenry County, Illinois. He looks like The Dude. He can't figure for the life of him how the system got so screwed up and rigged. (except money and nepotism proly had a lot to do with it).

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