“Become a Counterterror Expert in as little as 18 months!” said the advertisement on my Facebook page this morning.  Apparently I could earn as much as 55K a year.  If you’re interested the url is something like homelandsecuritydegrees.com.

When they installed the TSA, you had to know we were never going to get rid of them.  For forever some short man will be asking you why you didn’t take your shoes off before going through the body scanner … because today we are all terror suspects.

And lucky for some of you, there are jobs out there for rooting out terror that never rarely happens.  Of course if the truth of the job were exposed you won’t root out terror, you will terrorize people trying to get to Minnesota for that business meeting.

In the Navy there is folklore that a security job was created to watch a door after it had been painted, and of course one year later there was still a guy watching the door for reasons that were unclear to him.

When we changed the last line of the star spangled banner from “land of the free, home of the brave”, to “land of the safe, home of the cautious” we sold out our heritage … and our freedom.

Some people talk like someday it will change, but my fear is that it never will.

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