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  • Bananas have nothing to do with this post
    31 Dec

    Happy New Year, what? six years???

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    Here at Excessive Bail (TM), we get beat up from time to time commenting on judges lowering the boom on seemingly minor criminals.  Call it the...
  • Speed_Limit_25tn
    17 Dec

    Lake in the Hills DUI Attorney counts the ways

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    So this Lake in the Hills DUI Attorney took a look at last year’s DUI counts. A quick review of the 2013 DUI counts shows a...
  • Alcohol
    15 Dec

    What is the legal limit in Illinois for DUI?

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    What is the Legal Limit in Illinois for DUI? There isn’t one.  Does that surprise you?  When a person takes a Breathalyzer after a DUI stop...
  • Dexter
    13 Dec

    Teenager in Legislature

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    Isn’t that cute, a teenager in the state legislature. So in West Virginia, a beautiful state with wonderful people, a teenager got elected to the state...
  • Bull Valley Attorney has to review piles of paper
    11 Dec

    Bull Valley Attorney prepares DUI Client

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    If you have recently had a DUI in Bull Valley, here are some of the things the attorney will want you to bring to the first...

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